Aviva kiosks


During the run up to Norwich Union changing their name to Aviva, measures were put in place to increase awareness amongst its workforce. One of these measures was to use kiosks at 19 offices throughout the country. These kiosks were interactive, you could (amongst other things), watch key messages from the CEO, view current company TV advertising, as well as air your thoughts about the name change to a built in video camera.


Once the name change to Aviva had passed the internal communications team were left with a problem. They had 19 very large awkward kiosks taking up too much space, the software was out of date and the updates of the software and kiosk content was too expensive. It was also impossible moving forwards to use the current kiosk software without incurring great expense from the original designers.


eko and the Internal Communications team got together to discuss the issues, eko came back with a series of solutions of which the following were taken forward:

1 It made economic sense to keep existing computers and hardware to run the kiosks
2 eko would rebuild and re design the kiosk software from scratch, they have software engineers and programmers with plenty of interactive kiosk experience so this wasn’t a problem.
3 A competitive price was set for future kiosk updates with a rate card given to the team so they knew exactly how much items would cost, ie: re-skinning the kiosk interface, filming an interview etc.
4 New kiosk shells were designed and built, they were more streamlined taking up far less space than the previous kiosks.
5 Updates could be done regionally if needed, and that all data was downloadable from each kiosk so the team could monitor it’s usage.


It sounds simple, but eko took time to listen to the client, by doing this they became aware of all the issues and were able to make solid decisions as to the best way forward.
It was apparent that Aviva didn’t want to spend more than they had to on kiosks that had become cumbersome, expensive and prohibitive.
eko provided a cost effective way of replacing the kiosks, ensuring that updates to software and content were kept within the budget of the team. By providing a rate card the team are able to plan future campaigns knowing the full costs involved.