ITV 24/7


The Aviva brand team wanted a short video that they could use on ITV interactive. The video was to be an awareness exercise, with no hard sell. The film needed to remind viewers that Norwich Union was now called Aviva, and cover the following subjects within a few minutes:
a. Understanding customer concerns about insurance
b. Who Aviva are
c. Overview of past and current advertising
d. Avivas support of athletics from Grass roots upwards
e. key graphics stating key information

The deadline was tight with turnaround in 4 weeks


There were a lot of subjects that needed covering in a short space of time, with no easy or immediate way of combining them all. We also had to work alongside the ITV Interactive team to ensure the tight deadlines were met.


eko thought the best solution would be to create a storyboard with a 4 minute timeline, then cut the timeline into sections, so each subject was given a set amount of time. We decided since the Brand team were so specific on the areas they needed covering that we would tackle this by using
narration throughout the 4 minute piece. This would in effect allow us to put exactly the right footage at the right point and the narration would act as a device for seamlessly jumping from one subject to the other. In order for us to cover the subject regarding customer concerns about insurance, we hit the streets, with a film crew, members of the Brand team and a set of questions.
We used the Aviva adverts and bespoke athletics footage at set points throughout the film.


It is possible to cover lots of different subjects that don’t seem to gel with a bit of lateral thinking. Once we had a device, (in this case the narration) it made it simpler and easier to add in all sorts of footage and imagery and stats. The final end piece was well received and delivered on time to ITV, who we kept in constant contact with during the project. We are are now awaiting the stats and viewing figures for the month the piece was on air.