07 Apr 2008

eko are one today…

eko postcard

We can’t believe it’s a year since we started but it is.

On April 7th 2007 we started eko, we had just one client, no offices, and a lot of expensive gear.One year on and we are lucky to have worked with lots of local, regional, national, and indeed international companies. We now have offices in Marygate York, and have invested heavily in new equipment.eko is not about making loads of money, but providing our clients with a personal service and quality work.

We think that we have achieved this during the past year, we now have a huge pool of resources that we can call upon, to enable us to take on far bigger projects than we could have done a year ago.We would like to thank all of you who have helped us during the past year, you all know who you are, and we couldn’t possibly list you all, as we would run out of space.We will be organising a party in York soon and we hope you will come.

Those that know us will know that we are not the best salesmen, but we are down to earth designers that love to create.

Dan and Andy x