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You have the product, but there is a that requires a solution. Your instinct knows what you’re about but you need to show your customers just how good that really is. A good product, knowing your market and determination will only get you so far. Time to get creative.

Now you need to be image-conscious, to present yourself with the full visual package. Your customers do judge books by their covers. Don’t let them overlook you, because they WILL find someone else.

Visual communication is everything in today’s economy. If you require a service and flick through the ads in your local directory, who do you phone first, the one with the thirty-word small print or the one with the pictures? It is no different in the digital age – in fact it is even more important, and that is something this agency knows inside out.

eko is the agency that has the solution. And the solution is to add style to your substance, image to your principle, and design to your content.

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Here at eko we understand that the digital technologies in visual communication don’t stand still – that is why we can ensure you will always be seen, whatever the latest media demands of you. eko is an agency that is constantly evolving, providing creative solutions to businesses trying to compete in an ever-changing modern world.

Your Move

eko is the creative agency formed by Daniel Taylor and Andrew Watkins. With our combined knowledge of design and filmmaking we can offer you creative solutions in video, new media and print. Eko delivers clear, relevant communications, whatever the scale or budget.

We have different influences and different approaches but with the same vision…
…that’s why we are evolutionary by design.

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